Download Android App Spotify APK

Spotify for Android has just picked up an update. Head to the Google Play Store and you'll find the newest version of Spotify Music with the Ford SYNC AppLink platform and new look side menu with a lovely Spotify icon.


Spotify is great for those who listen to certain songs, then get bored with them, then want to listen to the newest songs but don't want the hassle of continuously buying CDs or mp3. Just search for the songs you like, add them to the playlist, save the playlist offline.

It's legit, flawless navigation, easy to use, any option you want they have already thought of and added. The music is great quality and has any music you are looking for, its suggestions of similar artists are always on point.

This complete music app will surprise you which allow you prepare, select, offer and suggest in ways no other music app can from your Android phone and tablet. Playlist stay with you, as with anything you make, refresh to keep it. Anything at the touch of a button, you can create multiple playlists with ease. You are able to download the full album of your favorite singers without wasting so much time. You can also subscribe the 30 days Spotify premium, which fantastic, and enjoy every minute of it.

This app was great for Android user before the developer added Ford SYNC support in the latest release. Now that SYNC support has been added, they kept chugging away at the updates, and it is now pretty much a perfect Spotify app.

Here's the full changelog for the new version of Spotify on Android:

- Now you can listen in Ford vehicles equipped with the Ford SYNC AppLink platform. Pair your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy voice-controlled access to your playlists and save your favourite tracks. Requires the Bluetooth permission.
- The developer have added the Verified Artists badge to mobile. Look out for the blue tick.
- The side menu now features a lovely Spotify icon.
- Fictitious: This app dances with wolves.

Grab the updated Spotify Music from the Google Play Store and let us know what you think of the new features.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download File: 14.6MB (Spotify APK)

Download Android Game RETRY 1.4.5 APK

Angry Birds maker Rovio has released its first game under experimental publishing arm LVL11 called RETRY bring the retro 8-bit visuals and gameplay style. With that in mind, it has finally hit App Store and Google Play.


Rovio may have the solution for those who want to fill the void left behind by Flappy Bird. Retry is a fun game not too difficult and not too easy, it's a perfect blend. It is similar to Flappy bird but better with power-ups for your plane, save points and the world plus world map. Also, it has cool retro graphics, great soundtrack, Angry bird spirit and smooth control.

In RETRY, you’re in the cockpit, take control of a tiny plane and navigate a series of increasingly difficult courses. You have involves steering an out-of-control plane through a series of challenging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. Jut like Flappy Bird, its super easy to learn and hard to master. You touch your screen and almost anything in the level constitutes failure. Tapping on the screen propels your aircraft into the air, so perfectly timing each spike in elevation is crucial to your success. It’s going to take raw skill and white-knuckle stunts to get through this one.

The app is available now for iOS and Android for free-to-play with some in-game advertising and offers in-app purchases as well. If you want to pay anything, you can easily finish the game without purchasing a single coin if you're willing to skip a couple of checkpoints or watch ads.

The game itself requiring only Android 2.3 or better to run, it's mean you can play RETRY on any Android device out there. As usual, you can pick the .apk file so you can transfer and install it easily to your Android phones and tablet.

Requires Android: (2.3+) Gingerbread
Download File: 47MB (RETRY APK)

Download Android Game PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK

Tree Men Games has released Pako - Car Chase Simulator for Android, the game lets player outrun the cops and avoid obstacles as long as possible before the inevitable crash. Head into Google play to download or pick .apk file here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phone and tablet.

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator

PAKO – Car Chase Simulator is one of the best quick-play reflex games out there, its about reflexes, speed and agility. You drive your car and you have to escape the cops for as long as you can, and when you crash into something, the game ends.

A great game with a great soundtrack by DKSTR. So glad it's finally out for Android. Just like on iOS and Windows Phone, the game comes with simple yet addictive gameplay, coupled with fun retro visuals and a compelling soundtrack make for great laughs and an unstoppable urge to play it.

If you ever play Chicago 90, this game will remind you of it. The game is fun, looks great and has great music. Pako has cool graphics, its carry an isometric look with a bit of cel shading thrown into the mix. Requires repetition to master, so its like an arcade, including the frustration, except it doesn't eat your coins.

Here's a look at what's you get in PAKO – Car Chase Simulator:
- Adrenaline pumping six song soundtrack by DKSTR
- Online high score lists for each map and a combined high score of all maps
- Five different vehicles in five different locations: the Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway and Square
- Achievements for all locations
- Quick retry, no waiting
- Super secret achievements
- Post your high score to Facebook and Twitter

Requires Android: (2.3+) Gingerbread
Download File: 47MB (PAKO – Car Chase Simulator APK)